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Free Inside is the name given to the program I developed to help people in prisons nurture their own self healing, inner peace and compassion for others.  It taps into many global healing traditions including yoga, meditation, breath-work, and energy movement in the form of 
chi gung. It is simple to understand, to practice, and to teach.  It has undergone a research study which resulted in evidence of its efficacy in increasing physical-mental wellness, self esteem, hope and compassion, and in decreasing depression, in participants. I have written a simple Guidebook for Facilitators of Free Inside Prison Programming (with drawings by Lila Roo, 2005) which contains within it a Guidebook for Practitioners to be easily copied and handed out to students.

I am happy to provide this text, free of charge, to any who may find it useful.   It can be linked below on this page.

A number of news articles and one peer-reviewed journal article have been published about Free Inside, written by me and by others. Reading these paints a full and human picture of the philosophy behind, and daily workings of,  Free Inside.  Most of these articles may be accessed directly here, and others, plus more of my writings, may be requested by contacting me.


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UMaine Today .pdf

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‘Free Inside’ research final  copy.doc

Duncombe, E., with Duncombe-Lieber, L. illustrations (2005) Guidebook for Facilitators of Free Inside Prison Programming.  Maui / Maine, 130 pages.
2014 Free Inside Guidebook #1 .doc
2014 Free Inside Practice Guide #2.doc

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OPR #1-sm.doc

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Bangor daily : free inside- sm.jpg

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